Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Upcoming Savings

The 4th of July is coming fast....too fast, I keep thinking this summer needs to slow down! With this in mind, I wanted to remind everyone to start getting those coupons built up for the weekend of July 2-4. Newspapers don't have coupon inserts on holiday weekends, but the stores will have some good deals on BBQing and picnic stuff for the 4th. If you can't find coupons locally, you can always order them, just remember to order soon so you have them in time to hopefully get some awesome saving :)
And just a word of warning if you've started to "like" companies on Facebook to look out for great deals, there is a guy posting on a lot of these pages saying he has coupons for that item. If you look carefully (without clicking on his info!) it says it will direct you to a blogspot that has's a hoax. Tree Top posted that they had coupons on their site, assuming this guy had real coupons. But when they did some investigating, he had nothing.
Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and enjoy the sun when it makes it's appearance!

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