Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Upcoming Savings

The 4th of July is coming fast....too fast, I keep thinking this summer needs to slow down! With this in mind, I wanted to remind everyone to start getting those coupons built up for the weekend of July 2-4. Newspapers don't have coupon inserts on holiday weekends, but the stores will have some good deals on BBQing and picnic stuff for the 4th. If you can't find coupons locally, you can always order them, just remember to order soon so you have them in time to hopefully get some awesome saving :)
And just a word of warning if you've started to "like" companies on Facebook to look out for great deals, there is a guy posting on a lot of these pages saying he has coupons for that item. If you look carefully (without clicking on his info!) it says it will direct you to a blogspot that has's a hoax. Tree Top posted that they had coupons on their site, assuming this guy had real coupons. But when they did some investigating, he had nothing.
Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and enjoy the sun when it makes it's appearance!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Money Making deal at Walmart!

This was posted on Facebook from Budget Savvy Diva....
In the Red Plum insert this Sunday there is a coupon for $2/1 Dial Body Wash, do keep in mind that inserts are regional and the last few Sunday's we haven't had the good coupons that they are seeing in the states. But if it is in this paper, you can use this coupon to buy the trail size and MAKE money off of this coupon!

Where do you find your deals?

I was just surfing my Facebook and started to many of you know about the awesome couponing pages on Facebook? My favorite is Couponing to Disney, if you don't know about her, I highly recommend liking her page! She is constantly updating her page throughout the day with the latest and greatest deals or where to find such deals. I also have Budget Savvy Diva, Frugal Free Gal, and A Penny Filled Pantry. If you do visit their pages and "like" them, tell them that Extreme Saving on the Kenai sent you!
Another great way to find the exact coupons you want is to "like" the brands you buy regularly on Facebook. The downside to this is that when companies do a deal on Facebook, it's a limited supply for a limited time....and I do mean limited time! I've seen coupons go in a matter of minutes! So the downside to that is that you either have to watch Facebook like a hawk or get lucky when online :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Papers

Well I must say I was highly disappointed with the inserts in today's papers :( Proctor & Gamble did have an insert, so there were three inserts in all, but nothing to get really excited about. I think they get better inserts down in the states...I wouldn't be surprised. I know some of the inserts down in the states had a coupon for a free bag of Seattle's Best coffee. Oh well, there are still some really good online coupons to be had!
A couple of my favorite new places that I have liked on Facebook is Couponing to Disney and A Penny Filled Pantry.
I'm going to be going through my coupon stockpile to see what is close to expiring and give some away. I do know already I have a couple of coupons for $5 off and V-Tech purchase over $19.99. This coupon expires at the end of July I believe. If anyone is interested leave me a comment saying so and I'll get in touch with you :)
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and have a good week :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Extra Coupons are always good!

Good morning :) Well, I missed the Bounty $5 coupon give away this morning, I hope some of you were more fortunate. That's what I get for not turning on my alarm. On a more for sure note, Proctor and Gamble will have an insert in this Sunday's paper along with the regular Red Plum and Smart Source. Extra coupons is always a bonus! P & G's insert will have more than $102 in savings!!
My Sunday ritual always includes buying two papers. I buy the Anchorage Daily News and our local Peninsula Clarion. The Peninsula Clarion carries ALMOST the same inserts, sometimes lacking in the Red Plum, but the Clarion is only $1. So don't forget to pick up your Sunday papers this weekend for some good coupons :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Travel Savings

This tip came from a good friend of mine in Anchorage and can be VERY useful to anyone who lives in Alaska and flies (ok, I know this means everyone!) She recently purchased tickets for a trip she will be taking and when she looked at the airfare the next day, the fare had dropped $150!! Since it had been less than 24 hrs. since she had purchased her tickets, she canceled her original tickets and bought them at the lower published airfare. I had never thought of doing this! I've always been the person that once I bought my tickets, never gave them a second thought until it's time to leave for the airport.
Another travel saving tip I use is that I never buy airline tickets from the all in one travel websites. Don't get me I use them to look at airfare prices, but I won't purchase from them. I pick out my travel dates and look for the cheapest fare. Once I find that I will continue like I'm making reservations to find the flight I like and write all the flight information down. THEN I go to that specific airlines website and type in the dates I want and purchase the tickets with the airline themselves. This will save you the fee that the other sites charge. Yes it might be only $15 or so dollars, but an extra 10 min. will save you that $15 or so and think of what cute souvenir you can get with that extra money. Or if your like me, it's extra money for eating at that restaurant we don't have up here ;)


This is a reminder for everyone who has a 10% off Soldotna Fred Meyer will expire in less than a month :( So take advantage of those sales and make them better!!